YouTube VLOG

My latest challenge this year is to try and learn how to VLOG. This for me will be a brand new learning experience, but as long as I have fun and the people watching then it’s a win win situation.

I know at the start the VLOGS will be a little rough round the edges, but with user feedback and using what I learn from each VLOG hopefully it will grow along side my blog.

Equipment Used :ย 
  • iPhone 7
  • Apple headphones with mic
  • Macbook Pro (2010 Model)
  • iMovie


VLOG 1 : Venice (Italy) 2017 – View

VLOG 2 : Bucharest (Romania) – Coming Soon

VLOG 3 :ย Craiova (Romania) – Coming Soon

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Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š