Bo Vine (West End, Glasgow) Restaurant : Review



385 Byres Road
G12 8AU


Visit Date : Sunday 16th April 2017

I have passed Bo Vine many times when I have been at the West End, and also had a few chats to them via Twitter. When I passed and saw the Easter Sunday Market Menu offer, I went in and booked a table.


Cost : 2 Courses (拢14.95) or 3 courses (拢18.95)

Starter :

Smoked Salmon, Crab, Horseradish, Beetroot and Crouton


This looked visually nice when it arrived, and for me the portion size looked a good one for a starter.

Flavours were all very nice, everything blended nicely with each other. The fish flavour was not too fishy, which I know some people don’t like when ordering a fish dish but for me it was a nice balanced flavour.

Portion Size : 4
Flavour : 4
Presentation : 4

Main Course :

Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, Truffle Cream, Vegetarian Hard Cheese


When I ordered this I was told that they only had so much ravioli left, so we were offered Gnocchi instead which was fine with me.

On Arrived my first thought was the portion size, maybe a little too small but pasta is filling so I thought lets wait and see how it is.

I tried some of my girlfriends she did get the Ravioli, and to be really honest the Gnocchi was 100% better in taste.

Yes there could have been more as I still was a little hungry, but overall this was really nice and I enjoyed it.

Portion Size : 3.5
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 4


Coffee Creme Br没l茅e


I love Creme Br没l茅e so this was a must to order.

I laughed a little at the presentation mostly because it was a very large plate, then over to one tiny corner….granted I have seen this done elsewhere but today I laughed.

Anyway on to the taste….

This was very nice, I could have easily had two and the small cookies were nice.

Overall this was a nice dessert, and one I would have again.

Portion Size : 4
Flavour : 5
Presentation : 3.5


Overall my first visit here was just ok, part of me was a little disappointed with the portion sizes but then again it could have just been due to the market menu which in most places are normally that little bit smaller.

Taste, service and atmosphere were all very good and I look forward to trying some more dishes off the menu on my next visit.

  • Child Friendly : Yes (only if they are well behaved)
  • Cash/Credit Card : Both
  • Service : 4
  • The portion sizes & taste : 3
  • Atmosphere : 5
  • Value for money : 4
  • Overall : 4

Miller & Carter Steakhouse Glasgow : Review

47 St Vincent Street
Glasgow G2 5QX

T: 0141 404 2914
W: Miller & Carter Glasgow

Visit聽: 28 May 2016

Miller & Carter recently opened up a new restaurant in Glasgow, and since its been opened I have heard good things about it. Miller & Carter specialise on steaks, which for me I am not keen on but I did notice they did burgers which I like.

I tried to get in about 2 weeks ago but there was about a 3 hour wait and I didn鈥檛 feel like waiting. I did the smart thing and book online, so I knew I could get in and try it.

The restaurant has been done up very nice, its very smart and modern inside and very spacious.

On entering the staff were very welcoming and I was shown to my seat. The waiter introduced himself and explained the menu etc.

Starters :

For my started I ordered Dusted Calamari.


I have to say this was very nice, and probably the best Calamai I have had so far in any Glasgow restaurant. The portion size was perfect and yes I would order this again or recommend it.

Mains :

For my main I ordered the bacon and cheese steak burger with sweet potato fries.


Overall I was a little disappointed with this, as I felt the burger didn鈥檛 really have much flavour to it as the bacon flavour on it came over more. Don鈥檛 get me wrong It was nice and yes I am in a restaurant that focuses more on steak, but It just lacked something for me. My friend he ordered the T-Bone steak and it did look really nice, and I tried a small bit and coming from someone who doesn鈥檛 eat steak I really liked this and would give it a try.

Dessert :

For my last course I ordered the Cr猫me br没l茅e.


I have always loved Cr猫me br没l茅e and this was very nice, as you can see by the photo it comes with 2 strawberries on top to be honest this wasn鈥檛 needed as its nice just on its own and the crust could have been harder but that鈥檚 me being fussy.

My final part of the meal was an After Eight cocktail which was amazing, thats all I will say and yes I would have more of these anytime.


Overall :

Overall my experience was very good, the only letdown for me was the burger but it is a steakhouse and focuses on steaks. As I said i did try the T-bone steak and i was surprised how good it was, as any time I have tried steak I have hated it and this T-bone was very very very nice.

Would I go back?鈥..probably! and I would be willing to try the T-Bone next time but since it鈥檚 costly might wait a while till my pennies build up again.