About Me

Kris Munro

Firstly thanks for taking the time to check my blog, my name is Kris Munro as you may have guessed.

My current day job is a store manager of a family run opticians (not my family), where I manage staff and 2 shops. Come 5pm this is where the food blogger kicks in, and I can leave my job behind me till 9am next day.

In October 2016 I started to put my heart and soul into blogging, prior to that it was on and off. I was always taking photos of food, and my friends and family would laugh at me so I thought lets put them to good use….the food photos not the friends and family.

I enjoy going out and trying different restaurants, and also trying different styles of food. I have started to do reviews around Glasgow, West End, Edinburgh and Troon and slowly expanding the areas I visit.

I am also going to introduce a few different blogs, as I don’t want to have 100% food the odd different thing will be a nice way to break it up.

All my blog posts are my own thoughts, I do not get paid by any of the places or products I review.  If I have been given a free meal, free extras etc, I will state that but I will always give my honest review of the food or product even if it is free.

I have attended a few pre launch events for Glasgow Bloggers, I have given my honest review of these places.

I have met so many nice people since I have started blogging. Two people that have helped me, given me advice and I still chat to and hope to continue being friends with are :

Emma Eats : 

Blog : www.emmaeats.co.uk

Weekends with Wendy : 


Along with the food blogging, I am also trying to learn more about different cocktails and Rum. I spent most of 2016 learning the very basics about Rum, and would love to try more and learn a little more.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and I aim to try to improve each post, as I continue learning and also try and be more critical the more I post and learn.

Any questions etc feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading


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