About Me


Firstly thank you for taking the time to check out my blog.

I started blogging around October 2016 this is when I put my heart and soul in to it, trying to learn how to become a blogger and also learn new skills. Prior to this I was always taking food photos when out with friends and family, they would tease me about it so now I am putting that to good use.

I am still learning all the things about blogging, but it’s a fun challenge and I am learning new things everyday. I will say I am not the best writer out their, but the style of writing I do is like a friendly chat. What I type is how I would tell you in person, so its a nice relaxed and easy read….well I think that 🙂

When I started blogging I didn’t want to fully focus on food, I wanted the food to be 90% of what I blog about and leave the 10% for everything else e.g events, unboxing etc. Doing this means I can have a little variety to what I do, and it keeps it interesting to the readers.

All my reviews are all my own thoughts, I don’t get paid to do any of these reviews.

I have been invited to many Blogger events since I started, and I will always state when I get any food or drinks for free. These types of reviews I will still give an honest review of the food or product even if it is free.

I have set myself many challenges since starting to blog, one was to try and hold a few Blogger meet-ups. This is a very difficult task to do, as you have to plan many different things, and then in the end you still might not get anyone turning up due to unforeseen circumstances.

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One of my other big challenge I wanted to set myself, was to try and start VLogging using YouTube as the video platform.

I have done some video editing in the past, but I had forgotten how much work actually goes into putting a video together. Eventually I would like to have my Blog and VLOG being a nice partnership, and working together to give everyone a nice experience.

I have met so many nice people since I have started blogging. Two people that have helped me, given me advice and I still chat to and hope to continue being friends with are :

Emma Eats : 

Twitter : twitter.com/EmmaEatsUK
Blog : www.emmaeats.co.uk

Weekends with Wendy : 

Twitter : twitter.com/WendyAndrew_
Blog : www.weekendswithwendy.com

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and I aim to try to improve each post, as I continue learning.

Any questions etc feel free to contact me.

Thanks again for reading


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